NEGRI R070 Electric Chipper Safety Training


This course provides participants with an introduction to chipping and mulching using the specific named machine and leads to a licencing for use on site at SCRAP Ltd and the Holsworthy Community Garden. If you wish to see the Curriculum prior to enrolment click the Curriculum tab below.

The first requirement of enrolment is confirming the disclaimer/indemnity agreement below. Please read and sign online the form below and once accepted click the Enrol button below to create your account and complete enrolment

Course Disclaimer / Indemnity



being over the age of 18 years,

and of sound mind and body,
do hereby indemnify SCRAP Ltd within the limits of the law and pursuant to the undertakings of SCRAP Ltd to provide safety instructions and working conditions as detailed in its Disclaimer for the Negri 070 Chipper/Mulcher Training Course (and any subsequent usage under my licence) against any and all mishaps, injuries or death that may occur due to my actions in operating the machine (Negri 070) and any materials or tools that form part of the operations (chipping and mulching) related to that machine and materials.